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Creative management solutions

As the leader of the creative and assetmanagement field, Landwell initiates the solution to manage your voluble items,Landwell is aiming to provide a reliable, veritable, doable solution forcustomers. Since 1999,landwell founded the RFID auto recognition researchinstitution, products and new tech are widely approved by customers, as one ofthe companies with creation spirit, landwell has expanded over 70 countries andregions, and become one of the most competitive companies in the global securitymarket.

Tokeep up with the time and helps to solve the problems, when starts creating anew solution, we always think one step ahead, from simple safety storage toenterprise valuable and sensitive asset control, Landwell can provide intuitiveand reliable data, for management, trace and generate reports. Or using thenewest cloud service with APP mobile report, allow the manager to check andsupervise valuable items at anywhere anytime. Low cost investment will get apayback in a short time, thousands of customers have used and approved thatLandwell solutions are reliable.

What is it?

Keys management is a big problem

This key management system provides afull range of supervisory solution for all keys and small valuable assets ofenterprises.

I-keybox key management can makes you tocontrol the permissions of who can take out the keys, trace and record theinformation of keys using. Landwell key management system can control the keysof vehicles, buildings, equipment, items, public property and so onintelligently, clearly, objectively, efficiently. So it reduces the keys distribute management by specific person, increases the efficiency and reduces themanagement fee at the same time. Manager can check the full and accurate keysusing information in the computer by click the mouse.

Intelligent key management system canintegrate highly.

Fast, flexible and changeable hardwaredesign solutions can realize the compatible network to access control,monitoring, time attendance, ERP and other system. It is widely applied ineverywhere, such as : vehicles, warehouse, equipment, facility, assetmanagement and trains, airplanes, ships.

Feedback from our customers.

After using Landwell intelligent keymanagement system, it increases the employees accountability, assures thedrivers and vehicles’ effective operation, at the same time, reduces thehappening of traffic violation. It helps a lot in enterprise management work.

We gain a lot of case and experience in different
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Capital Museum keys management case
Benz 4S Shop Inventory Vehicle Management
Subway Keys Network Management
Dooioo Realty Keys Internet Management
Police Keys Network Management
War Supplies Warehouse Keys Management
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